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More than 500,000 BioMat® proud owners in the USA & 5 million worldwide rely on BioMat® for their body's energy needs.

Join a growing number of BioMat® owners such as Steven Speilberg, The Bellagio Hotel Spa, The Seattle Sea Hawks, The University of Miami Miller School Of Medicine’s Center For Complimentary & Integrative Medicine, and many more who “Love” BioMat®.

 The Body Uses Infra Red To Fuel All Complex Body Functions.

Bio Mat Is The Only In Home Medical Device That Fuels Cells For Normal Energy Required To Regenerate, It Also Calms Cells With Negative Ions, Allowing The Mind To Shift From Stress To A Relaxed State So Cells Can Work Normally And Life Can Become Easy.

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What is Biomat®?

BioMat®, A deliciously nourishing class II medical device FDA approved for pain is capturing the attention of the US medical field. Every body benefits from nourishing far infrared. In fact, each and every cell in our body and brain require this light spectrum to replicate perfect chemical and cellular bonds. A decline in exposure to this light spectrum has been known to appear as cognition and physical energy decline.

Negative ions are natures built in purifiers of air, water and the global atmosphere. Generated mainly at oceans, waterfalls forests and after electrical storms, BioMat® offers negative ions in the privacy of your home. The nourishing nutrients of electron transference occurring with negative ions is scientifically at the core of regeneration. A lack of such electron transference has been shown to increase decay of matter, including cellular structures and tissues. While generating a delta wave activity within the brain for a deep feeling of relaxation and peacefulness to occur. The fact that the body regenerates while at rest concludes that BioMat® is a superior tool for regenerating mind and body.

How does the Biomat® work?

Far Infrared And Negative Ion Benefits

Nourishing effects of far infrared and negative ions are scientifically documented.  Enhanced with amethyst crystals, known for their calming and healing effects, the “Amethyst Effect ” was scientifically demonstrated during spectral analysis.  This unique change in far infrared light refracted through the amethyst crystal resembles bio photon cellular communication of perfected cells during DNA replication.

Far Infrared

NASA research tells us, Far Infrared balances important physiological functions, including hormonal functions.  Far Infrared rays infuse deeply into the body’s tissues to provide a uniform healing by nourishing cellular components via a warming “light” effect.

Negative Ions

Negative ions enhance detoxification as they act similarly to electronic lego’s, enhancing the body’s bio electrical system, supporting water systems and cellular redox.  Counter acting oxidizing effects of free radicals support bio chemical bonding of “feel good” hormones thus enhancing cognition and happy mood endorphins such as serotonin levels within the mind and body.   


EMF’s (electromagnetic field of radiation) are everywhere.  It’s the measurable radiation coming from our gadgets, cell towers, electrical lines, etc.  These frequencies have been known to alter the human bio field.  [email protected] supports grounding these harmful magnetic fields while nourishing the body in usable frequencies known to benefit cellular regeneration  


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10 Key Benefits Of Amethyst Crystals And Far Infrared

  • Far-infrared radiation is known to support perfected cell regeneration.  Science shows that increasing infrared radiation enhances energy levels in the body.
  • Far-infrared radiation increases circulation, supporting wound healing by providing cells the nutrients essential for repair.  Far-infrared radiation supports the repair mechanisms in skin tissue.  Skin damage related to chronic or acute conditions and reconstructive surgeries may also benefit from amethyst.
  • Far-infrared radiation has been shown to inhibit specific bacterial growth by hindering the actions of certain growth-promoting enzymes. Scientists have found that far-infrared radiation specifically, and not merely heat, that actually inhibits the growth of some bacteria in the body. Heat therapy does NOT seem to offer the same effect.
  • Far-infrared supports proper core body temperature especially for those who struggle to feel warm.
  • Far-infrared radiation supports blood circulation, particularly micro circulation among the capillaries in the skin and fascia.
  • Far-infrared radiation enhances blood vessels flexibility and integrity, supporting oxygenation and nutrient transportation along with cellular redox.
  • Research shows amethyst enhanced far-infrared radiation supports the relief of autointoxication.
  • Amethyst generated negative ions appear to magnetically attract toxic particles and remove them from the body.  This includes most allergens.
  • Negative ions have the power to draw out toxic particles from the body and may aid in respiration by removing these particles from the lungs. This could aid those with allergies or respiratory conditions.
  • Negative ions act like magnetic lego’s in the bio chemical assembly of nutrients essential for cellular regeneration.

FDA approved for the relief of arthritis pain
  •  Supports the relief of minor muscle and joint pain
  • Supports enhanced blood circulation and tissue oxygenation
  • Soothes and relaxes
  • Supports the immune system
  • Supports sleep via delta wave activity
  • Supports The relief of Arthritis pain
  • Supports deep relaxation

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